Clubman Shave Brush, Synthetic

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Clubman Custom Shave Brush has the backbone of boar yet the softness of badger. It feels great on your face yet it whips up foam like crazy. And Unlike natural bristle brushes, Clubman's synthetic fibers dry super-fast and keep their shape longer which means your brush will work like new for years to come. Since there's no break-in period, you get a perfect shave from day one. And no animals were involved in its construction so it's cruelty free and Vegan to boot!

4 Reviews

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    Synthetic Shave Brush

    Posted by LtCol Ralph E Minton on 8th May 2024

    I use this item to lather my face using a shaving gel. I use less of the gel per shave by this application and the brush helps work the lather into the beard.

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    Clubman Shave Brush, Synthetic

    Posted by D Hawthorne on 18th May 2023

    This shave brush is very good quality and great price. The bristles are much softer than the standard badger brush yet sturdy to keep the foam on the brush before applying to the skin. It also rinses quickly and thoroughly with some warm water.

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    Clubman Shave Brush

    Posted by PAUL A TURNER on 23rd Oct 2021

    I have about 9 brushes, and I'm pleased that one of them now is the Clubman brush. In fact I just used it this morning-my second shave with it. I find it does a real nice job of spreading the shave soap onto my face and neck. I also like that I don't need as much loading time with this as with my other brushes.. Thank you, Clubman!!

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    Nice, Especially for the Price

    Posted by TomG on 5th Mar 2021

    I'm going to be honest and say that this is the first, and therefore only, shaving brush I've ever owned. Naturally that makes it both the best and worst brush I've ever owned, but I know it does the job well enough for me to be satisfied. It's probably a little soft for some, but being synthetic it shouldn't change stiffness over time like natural bristles do. Anyway, since it's only a fraction of the natural fiber brushes I'm sure many of them perform better, I'm just here to say for the price this does the job for me.