that brand is clubman

Clubman. The Barber’s Brand...

  • “Every since I was a little kid, going to the barber shop with my dad I have LOVED the smell of Clubman. I travel a lot and get a supply when possible. I had to order online this time and plan to be doing it more often now. FLIPPING GREAT.”

    Jeffrey Benson, 13th Jul 2020
  • “Grew up in the 1960's and have the fond memory of my father smelling of Lilac Vegetal. Used his when I first started shaving… after a recent conversation/recollection… purchased a 6 oz bottle and could not be more pleased. Nostalgia or not, it smells great!”

    Jim in Seattle, 8th Jan 2021
  • “I have always enjoyed the aroma of a good barber shop and that personal smell when you first leave the shop. I read an article on the best ways to smell like a barber shop. The number one suggestion was to use Pinaud-Clubman aftershave lotion & bath powder. They were right! Been using them ever since.”

    Karl Poppelreiter, 12th Dec 2020
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