Simpsons 'Chubby' #2, Best

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This impressive Premium Shaving Brush is turned in three sizes, densely filled with either Super or Best Badger Hair.

The Chubby has been acknowledged as the finest Shaving Brush available in the workd today.

Approx. Overall Height: 95mm

3 Reviews

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    Good value

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2013

    Even at the $170 price,this brush is a bargain because of its top notch quality. I have several Rooney Heritage brush(very expensive) that are dense .But this Chubby2 exceeds all those I currently have. This brush is terrifically dense and has superb backbone and stiffness. It makes marvelous lather from both soft or hard creams and soaps. And its equally good at both bowl lathering and face lathering. Thanks very much Clubman for offering it at such a competitive price ! IMO,its a great value. Craig

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    Superb brush

    Posted by Craig Rizzi on 9th Dec 2013

    I bought this Chubby2 recently and have used it several times already. Its a terrific brush.VERY dense and has wonderfully soft tips but has tremendous backbone. Worth every penny I paid. Thanks Clubman for sending me this 'top of the line' Simpson. I've used many brushes and this ranks in my top three of all time,along the the Rooney Stubby 3XL brush Craig

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    Superb brush

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2013

    I bought this brush here recently and have used it several times now.I must say that even at the steep pricetag,this brush is worth every penny.The Chubby2 is tremendously dense, has very,very soft tips and has unbelievable backbone. I am totally pleased with it. Many thanks ClubmanOnline for sending me a marvelous brush. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes large,dense brushes. Craig