Col. Conk Premium Twin Blades, 10 pack

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Product Description

In today's crazy world of razor blades - where it seems like the quality of the shave depends on how many blades you shove into the cartridge - it's nice to know that simple is still the best. In the 1960's, when the idea of putting two blades into the cartridge first came out, it was a revolutionary concept that made sense. The first blade catches the whisker and pulls it out a bit while the second blade shaves closer to the skin and, thus, a closer shave. Thing is, adding more blades doesn't make it work any better. The important part is to make great blades!

Col. Conk's Premium Twin Razor Blades are sharp, long lasting blades. Why use 3, 4, and now 5(!) blades when two good ones are all you need. Fits any standard Trac II style razor handle. They're the best - simple!

Cartridge of 10 blades...

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Razor blades

    Posted by William J O'Connell on 3rd Apr 2020

    Sharp and long lasting

  • 5
    Solid shave

    Posted by Erik R on 10th Jun 2019

    I had been using one of those mail services for razors and decided to upgrade to the Colonel. Glad I did. Good solid shave at a great price. Now I have two favorite Colonel's. Col. Conk and Col. Sanders

  • 5
    Great Blades

    Posted by 817 on 30th Dec 2013

    These are the longest lasting blades I've ever used.
    Keep up the good work,
    D. R. Brosnan

  • 5
    The Absolute Best

    Posted by Craig on 6th Apr 2013

    I have been shaving with twin blades such as Gillette Trac ll, Personna,etc. for many years. However,for the past couple years I've been shaving with the German made Merkur twin blades. They are,without doubt,the far and away,the best twin blade on the market. I have a very thick and coarse beard and the most shaves I could EVER get with any other twin blade was a max of three. I can consistently get 7 or 8 very comfortable shaves on one Merkur blade !
    They are more expensive but well worth the $. One problem is that they are becoming increasingly difficult to find here in the USA. A wonderful product. I hope you continue to stock them here on Clubman Online.


  • 5
    Smooth Shave

    Posted by Matt on 12th Feb 2013

    great product. You would think with the twin blade, that it can't compete with the "hi tech" blades on the market, but it but all of them to shame and most importantly they last three times as much as the other ones you can get on the market.

  • 5
    Amazing quality

    Posted by Matt on 12th Oct 2012

    These blades will last much longer than any of the other ones out there. The shave is as smooth and clean as it will get. Price wise when you add up how many shaves you get out of each blade, they are well worth it.