Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder, 0.25 oz

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Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder

Looking for a quick and easy way to stop shaving nicks and cuts from bleeding all over your shirt collar? We made the Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder just for you! This powerful powder is formulated to quickly seal your skin to stop bleeding and infection. Perfect for home use or on the go! Get unbeatable confidence and comfort in a bottle. Don’t wait, order today and experience healthy, smooth, no-bump skin instantly.

  • Stop Bleeding Quickly: Stop bleeding fast and easy with the Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder. Hey, nicks and cuts happen no matter how careful you go! But sometimes you’ve just got to get in that last stroke for a close shave. This styptic powder helps close up nick and cuts without a trace. Follow up with your Clubman Aftershave of choice and you’re ready to seize the day!
  • Safe and Effective Styptic Formula: The Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder goes straight to the point. Nothing fancy, it just gets the job done! Contains 56% Aluminum Sulfate that seals and heals skin instantly. No discomfort, zero infections! The perfect upgrade to your daily shaving routine.
  • Convenient and Travel-Friendly: Your worry-free styptic option! This Clubman Styptic Powder comes in a spill-resistant bottle that stays clean and neat in your vacation bag or bathroom countertop. Applies so easily with its ergonomic nozzle. Treat shaving nicks and cuts no matter where you are. We got you!
  • Great Value for Everyone: The Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder is a fantastic nick and cut relief solution whether you do your own shaving or a professional barber at the shop. Each bottle contains 0.25 oz of styptic powder so you can get soft, smooth, and healthy shaving results again and again!

.25 oz