9 Mistakes Guys Make with Aftershave and Cologne

9 Mistakes Guys Make with Aftershave and Cologne

Posted by Jim Bilger on 25th Nov 2015

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Sure, sure you know how to use aftershave and wear cologne.  How tough can it be?

Well, maybe you might have missed a step.  Maybe there were a few tips your Dad or best friend never shared.

Aftershave and Cologne Mistakes

Here are common mistake us guys make when using aftershave or cologne. 'Fess up. Are you guilty of any?

  1. Wearing the same scent every day. You don't want to be dull and predictable, do you?  Change it up.  We've got a post on how to choose the right scent for your day to help you out.
  2. Never using an aftershave or cologne.  Come on, up your game. Become a gentleman.
  3. Wearing too much scent. OK, men, bathe with soap, not your scent. Also, we hear tell that as a gentleman ages, his sense of smell diminishes and he inadvertently puts too much on. Heads up, boomers.
  4. Wearing a scent that smells great on your buddy but terrible on you. Everyone's body chemistry is different.  Also the scent will smell different initially than it does after the alcohol wears off. Get your woman's opinion too.
  5. Putting your scent in the wrong spots. Aftershave goes on the face, guys, but cologne goes on your neck, chest and wrists. No cologne on your face! See this GQ guide to mens cologne for more tips.
  6. Not using up your aftershave or cologne before it goes bad.  Don't buy so many that you can't use them up in a year or so. Or discard and try something new if you are not wearing it.
  7. Keeping your cologne in the bathroom. The heat and humidity of a bathroom are not a friend to scents. Your aftershave should be there, but ideally your cologne is on the dresser, away from the heat. Clubman Fan Christopher Prusso offers this tip to preserve scents longer - decant Clubman's plastic bottles into glass containers.
  8. Wearing scents that clashClubman Bay Rum Aftershave probably does not work with a Clubman Citrus Musk Eau de Cologne. Keep to one scent theme.
  9. Splashing cologne or aftershave on a cut. Ouch!! Enough said. (Dab On Nick Relief, anyone?)

Did I Miss One?

Are you guilty of any of these aftershave or cologne mistakes?  What scent mistakes did I miss that you'd like to add?

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Phil says, "I've lived in America now for 18 months and originally am from the UK. I have to say; American men do not like aftershave as much as English men. I have had so much positive feedback from American girls on my scents over the years and they always say American guys don't make the effort."