About Clubman Online

Clubman Online is the premier source for the full range of fine products from Pinaud Clubman as well as other select shaving, personal care and grooming products.

My name is Jim Bilger and I own Clubman Online. For many years, my long time Chicago retail store Corrado Cutlery sold the full line of Pinaud Clubman products. When it became apparent that there were very few outlets left that carried a full range of Clubman, I decided to open Clubman Online as a resource for those dedicated Clubman fans who had few avenues left to find their favorite brand of men's toiletries.

So, thanks to all who keep the Clubman brand going. We are a fiercely loyal community. I am a Clubman user myself and I want to see this brand stay healthy and continue on for as long as possible. Take care and wishing good grooming to all!


Thank you for your business!

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