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Clubman Pinaud Product Ingredients

Clubman Online is an online retailer of the Pinaud Clubman line but is not the manufacturer. We are not able to answer questions about product ingredients.Clubman Brand Owner The Pinaud brand is owned and made by American International Industries, located in Los Angeles, CA.  If you have questions regarding the ingredients of Clubman Pinaud products, please contact American [...]

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Clubman Pinaud Products in the Eye?

Some customers have ask what they should do if they inadvertently get Clubman Pinaud products like our aftershaves, shaving creams or shampoo in their eyes.Clubman Products in the Eye According to the American Beauty Industries, the manufacturer, if Clubman products ever get in your eyes,  "Do not rub your eyes.  "Immediately flush with clear, lukewarm water.  "Avoid flushing with [...]

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​Clubman Online Shipping Policies, Methods and Rates

Free Ground Shipping Terms Free shipping is provided on orders of $75 or more, after all other discounts. If the order total falls below the free shipping threshold after other discounts are applied then shipping will be charged to the order. Clubman Online will choose the most economical shipping option based on weight.  UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes [...]

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Are Clubman Men's Grooming Products Gluten Free? Are Clubman Products Vegan?

We know you are smart enough not to eat or drink men's grooming products.  But really, some clients have asked if various Clubman Pinaud products are gluten free or vegan.  Clubman Gluten Free? According to the American Beauty Industries, the manufacturer,  "Only select items are gluten free.  ASL and Fragrance and Talc are Gluten free. Gels,  Beard Balm, 2 in [...]

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​Clubman Online Sales Tax Policies

Illinois Sales Tax Sales tax of 9.0% is charged on orders shipped to addresses within Illinois, based on shipping from zip code 60201. No Sales Tax Outside Illinois Orders shipped to addresses outside of Illinois are not taxed.

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ClubmanOnline is on Twitter. Come Follow Us, Talk to Us?

On Twitter, ClubmanOnline is resharing good links from grooming thought leaders, retweeting pics that feature Clubman products, giving news of new products and sharing special discounts. @ClubmanOnline naughty for sure. Virgin island was one of my first after shaves/cologne splashes. Love it!! — Latherjunkie (@Heavyfield77) October 10, 2015 @ClubmanOnline Could you please tell me what Know size your [...]

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Is the Scent of Clubman After Shave Lotion Different Now?

Some customers ask if the scent of  Clubman Aftershave Lotion and other colognes has changed over time.Fragrance Changes According to American Beauty Industries, the manufacturer and brand owner,  "A lot of people feel that they no longer smell or feel like before.  "All formulas are original and have not been altered, changed or modified." A fragrance smells different on different [...]

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Clubman Pinaud History - The Official Barber Brand - Join the Club!

Founded in France in 1810, the PINAUD brand and its CLUBMAN line of fine men's toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop across the US. We celebrate and salute that tradition.Clubman Pinaud Brand History Clubman's history is recounted from the  brand's site: "A true neighborhood barbershop staple, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine [...]

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How to Select a Men's Cologne that is Appropriate for Your Day

You probably have a favorite men's after shave cologne (and we hope it's Clubman), but sometimes you want just the right scent for a certain event.  Men's Fragrance QuizThe magazine Men's Health has a great little quiz with some quick questions to help you pick the right fragrance by looking at factors like: What you are wearing The [...]

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Pinaud Elixir Shampoo a la Quinine Used by James Bond

James Bond made famous his Elixir Shampoo concentre a la quinine by Ed Pinaud. Shaken, not stirred, of course. We get asked about Elixir Shampoo all the time. It's no longer available, except as vintage bottles and antiques like the one in the photo above..  The 21st Century Bond uses Pinaud Clubman's Country Club Shampoo. Use it and [...]

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